What to do when we have flooded the laptop?

The laptop is with us wherever we are, with our drinks adn liquids. Most often it is spilled tea, juice, beer or penetration of rainwater. Regardless of the fluid, immediate action should be taken. But first, let’s see what happens when the liquid gets into the electronics? The liquid gets into spare parts, on which electricity flows. Usually it is a motherboard. Liquid, falling on the elements of the motherboard causes a short circuit, because it is a current conductor. In turn, short circuits disable parts and components inside the laptop. That’s why I recommend that you disconnect it from the mains immediately, remove the battery (if possible). Then contact a specialist as soon as possible to dry out, remove oxidation and replace damaged parts. It is important that repairs start immediately, without waiting for your turn among other laptops. In such cases, you can contact us. The repair will start immediately.


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