Keyboard replacement laptop Lenovo Ideapad 720-15ikb

Replacing the keyboard in the laptop Lenovo 720-15ikb, after pouring coffee. We provide the repair without having to replace the housing palmrest, just the keyboard only. To replace the keyboard, we was remove the motherboard, then uninstall the damaged keyboard from the case and insert a new one. The laptop was repaired the same day we received the ordered spare part.

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The keyboard from this Lenovo model (original, with backlight) also fits the following Lenovo models:

  • 81N8, 81NC, 81VW, S340-15API, S340-15IIL, S340-15IML, S340-15IWL, 330S-15IKB, 81F5, V130-15IKB, V130-15IGM, 130-15IBK, 130-15IGM, 330-15, 330-15IKB, 81DE, 81DC, V330-15, V330-15IKB, 81AX, 330S-15, 330S-15ARR, 330S-15, 330S-15AST, 720S-15, 720S-15IKB, 720S-15, 720S-15ISK
Keyboard replacement laptop Lenovo Ideapad 720-15ikb